15x7, 4/156, MR401 Beadlock, 4+3, Raw

  • SKU:  MR40157046343B
  • Category: Wheels
  • Brand: Method Race Wheels
  • Summary: MR401 UTV Beadlock, 15x7, 4+3/+13mm Offset, 4x156, 132mm Center bore, Raw Machined
  • Weight: 23.3
  • Length: 17.8
  • Width: 17.8
  • Height: 9.7
  • 279.72 USD$279.72
The MR401 Beadlock features a 1,600 lb load rating and a push through center cap. Running a beadlock wheel helps insure that your tire stays on the wheel where it belongs if you are running low air pressure or have a puncture.
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