26-11-12 MotoMTC Tire

  • SKU:  MA-W261112
  • Category: Tires
  • Brand: MSA
  • Summary: There is no other all-terrain ATV tire that performs better as an ”all in one atv tire” then the EFX MotoMTC ATV Tire.
  • Weight: 37.500000
  • Length: 26.000000
  • Width: 26.000000
  • Height: 11.000000
  • 222 USD$222.00
The MotoMTC is a proven tire design that adds immediate performance and response on and off the trails. We spent countless hours perfecting the right amount of center and shoulder tread depth, unique tread design and the right amount of contact patch for your vehicle to hit the trails and never look back. The MotoMTC boasts a 6-Ply Construction with 1.25" lugs, spaced just right to provide a smooth ride under the most intense terrain. This ATV tire will climb rocks, grab roots and perform in light mud. There is a reason why you keep hearing about the MotoMTC ? its is truly the tire for any machine, any terrain and any style of rider.
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