30-10-14 MSA MotoMTC Tire

  • SKU:  MA-W301014
  • Category: Tires
  • Brand: MSA
  • Summary: The EFX MotoMTC ATV Tire is designed to be the one all-around tire that performs incredibly well whether you stay on groomed trails or adventure to more difficult terrain . When you buy the MotoMTC you get a 6 ply construction with 1.25 inch deep lugs that have countless hours of development behind them to create the perfect amount of shoulder depth, tread design, and contact patch. That?s great for the tire but it?s great for you too because now you don?t have to shy away from technical terrain. Now every rock, root, and obstacle is just another place for you to gain traction with the EFX MotoMTC Tire.
  • Weight: 40.000000
  • Length: 0.000000
  • Width: 0.000000
  • Height: 0.000000
  • 283 USD$283.00

Excellent performance as a "do it all" tire for you ATV or UTV.
Designed to provide immediate performance and response.
Hours of design spent to create the ideal tread depth, shoulder strength, tread pattern, and contact patch for optimum performance.
6 ply construction with 1.25 inch deep lugs give plenty of grip while still providing a smooth ride.

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