26-9-14 MSA MotoMTC Tire

  • SKU:  MA-W26914
  • Category: Tires
  • Brand: Moto Alliance
  • Summary: The MSA Moto MTC 26x9x14 tire is an aggressive styling, smooth riding tire from MotoSport Alloy.
  • Weight: 30.000000
  • Length: 26.000000
  • Width: 26.000000
  • Height: 9.000000
  • 178 USD$178.00
There is nothing that performs better as a “all in one ATV tire” the Moto MTC ATV tire is a proven tire design that will continue to perform for many years to come. It boasts a 6-Ply Construction with 1.25” lugs. The lugs are spaced just right to provide a smooth ride for a tire with deep lugs. This ATV tire will climb rocks, grab roots, and work in light mud. This ATV tire wears well and provides performance for many miles.
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