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Yamaha Snorkel Kits

Your Yamaha ATV or UTV is built to take on almost any obstacles you come across, but deep water and mud pits pose a huge challenge for stock machines that aren’t equipped with a snorkel kit. A quality snorkel will ensure dry, clean air will reach vital components like your engine, transmission and differentials. The best-in-class snorkels from High Lifter offer exceptional performance and an unbeatable aesthetic to make sure your rig looks good before and after you take on the gnarliest mud pit you can find.

Model-Specific Snorkels

For the best fit and  performance, High LIfter only offers snorkel kits built to fit specific Yamaha ATV and UTV models, such as: 

  • Grizzly
  • Rhino
  • Viking 
  • Wolverine
  • And more!

Keep your Yamaha performing at its best, even after powering through water and mud, by installing a high-quality snorkel kit from High Lifter. Shop our selection today!

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