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Trailing Arms

Looking to upgrade your suspension system and enhance the performance of your vehicle?

If you answered yes, you're in the right place! Shop High Lifter's selection of ATV and UTV trailing arm kits - compatible with High Lifter Signature Series Lift Kits or any other lift kits that bolt on top of the shock - to get the improved control, clearance and traction you've been looking for.

Why should I install a trailing arm kit on my ATV or UTV?

First: because they're awesome. Second: because they have tons of benefits. Here's a few:

  • Improved suspension performance. Trailing arm kits often feature upgraded suspension components that enhance the suspension's ability to absorb bumps, impacts and uneven terrain - making your next ride smoother and more comfortable.
  • Increased ground clearance. Some trailing arms provide a lift in the ATV or SXS's ride height, which increases ground clearance. This additional clearance allows you to tackle wilder off-road terrain with less risk to the undercarriage.
  • Enhanced stability. Upgraded trailing arms can help reduce body roll during cornering, minimize suspension flex, and provide better control of your ATV or UTV at higher speeds or in rough terrain.
  • Compatibility with larger tires. Some trailing arms provide extra clearance, allowing you to install more aggressive and capable off-road tires.

Ready to shop our selection of High Lifter trailing arm kits that fit ATVs and UTVs from brands like Polaris and Can-Am? Find the perfect fit for your ride today!