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High Lifter Long Travel Suspension Kits

Tackle tough terrain with the High Lifter Long Travel Suspension Kit. Made for fast riding on mud, desert sand and rocky trails, these kits deliver more suspension travel and added ground clearance for softer landings and improved balance and traction. 

For casual rides to more extreme adventures — offroaders love the added impact support and improved control through mud and over tricky terrain. Just as often, they’re thrilled about the other benefits of their long travel kit’s innovative design. Visually appealing and focused on reducing weight, High Lifter’s Trailing arms feature a lighter and continuous rollover-preventing "Arched Airframe Structure" design and an additional 2-1/2" of added ground clearance at their peak. This keeps you high centered and helps you stay outside the rut of the trail, keeping all 4 tires smoothly gripped to the ground.

Find the right long travel kit for your vehicle today, and start feeling the benefits of a smoother, more tuned suspension on your UTV ASAP!