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Your drivetrain includes everything responsible for transferring power from your ATV or UTV's engine to its wheels. Long story short: it's the stuff that makes you go fast and push hard.

Drivetrain components from High Lifter — bearings, transmission upgrades and more for your ATV or UTV — are for anyone who wants to maximize power in order to climb higher, maneuver better and explore further than ever before.

What ATV or UTV drivetrain components do I need to maximize my ride?

At High Lifter, we offer a lot of different drivetrain components meant to maximize the power of your next ride. Some of the most popular of the many upgrades we offer include:

  • Sprague carriers. This component uses a series of rollers or ramps, along with springs and bearings, to allow power to be transmitted to the front wheels when the ATV or SXS is in 4WD mode. It enables your front wheels to receive power from the engine through the drivetrain, allowing for increased traction and gnarly off-road performance.
  • Spool lockers. Replace your stock differential with a solid mechanical connection between your left and right wheels. Unlike an open or limited-slip differential, a spool locker essentially locks both wheels together, ensuring equal power distribution to both wheels at all times. What does that lead to? Easier operation and better power distribution so your SXS goes exactly where you want it to no matter where or how you're riding.

Browse our on-page selection to find the parts you need to take your ATV or SXS power and control to the next level.

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