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Doors & Enclosures

Are you the type of person to want to ride any terrain, at any time, in any weather?

If that's the case, take a look at the selection of ATV and UTV cab enclosures, roofs, doors and covers offered by High Lifter. Wherever you want to take your vehicle, however you plan to get there: we've got you covered. Literally.

Which variety of ATV or UTV cover is right for me?

To be honest, we believe it's good to have multiple varieties on hand so that no matter the terrain, weather or time of year, you're always ready to ride.

We get that not everyone goes as hard as we do — and that's okay! — so here are a few things to consider when deciding what to get next.

  • Full Cab Enclosure. Full SXS cab enclosures provide complete coverage for your UTV, including the front, sides and rear. They also offer the highest level of protection against weather elements, debris and other hazards.
  • Half Cab Enclosures. Half cab enclosures cover only the front portion of your UTV, including the rider area. They typically feature a roof, windshield and rear panel — providing upper body protection while leaving the rear open for easy cargo access.
  • Soft Enclosures. Soft UTV cab enclosures are made of flexible materials such as nylon, polyester or vinyl. They're easiest to get on and off, most affordable and lightweight. Great for keeping out the elements whether you're out trail riding or working on the farm in your SXS.
  • Modular Enclosures. Modular enclosures offer versatility and adaptability by combining different components that can be interchanged or removed based on the desired configuration or weather conditions. These can include removable doors, windows, roof panels that allow customization according to specific needs.

Check out the wide variety of ATV and UTV cover options available from High Lifter, including cab enclosures and modular covers for doors and roofs. We've got options to fit your SXS needs, whatever they may be.

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