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Bushings/Ball Joints

Replacing bushings and ball joints are a fact of life for UTV and ATV owners, but that doesn't mean you should need new ones after every ride. Investing in high-quality, durable parts means extra time riding and less time in the garage. High Lifter offers ball joints, bushings, boot kits, and more for your ATV or SXS that are built to last longer and perform better than OEM. Browse our selection below to find ball joints and bushings that are designed specifically for your machine!

Improve performance and longevity

When you swap your stock or cheaply made ball joints and bushings for High Lifter parts, you're giving your ATV or UTV one of the easiest performance upgrades possible. High Lifter ball joints are built to hold up to the hardest rides and toughest conditions, ensuring your machine's performance won't be affected by a seized up ball joint halfway through your next ride.

Our featured ATV and UTV bushings are also designed to be direct OEM replacements that provide better than original performance. Keep joints fluid and your ride smooth, no matter how rough the terrain gets.

Shop trusted brands

If you just need a single ball joint replacement or if you want to completely refresh your machine's ball joints and bushings, High Lifter features a number of industry-leading brands to choose from, including:

  • Energy Suspension
  • High Lifter
  • Keller Performance Products
  • RCV

Pick up top-quality ball joints and bushings for your ATV or UTV today. Shop now!

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