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UTV/ATV Front & Rear Bumpers

When it comes to front and rear bumpers for riding in your ATV or UTV — everybody's got different things they're looking for.

Whether your focus is effectively shielding against rocks and other offroading debris, enhanced functionality with an integrated winch mount, easy installation or just looking really cool — High Lifter offers a variety of ATV and UTV bumper styles to meet your needs.

How will my ATV/UTV experience improve with a front or rear bumper update?

  • It'll make your ATV safer. The right new ATV or UTV bumper — front or rear — is going to make your next ride safer. The more protection your SXS has, the harder you can push things on the trails. It's always a good idea to reduce the risk of damage with a bumper that can absorb impacts and guard against debris.
  • You can ride further and harder. A sturdy aftermarket bumper gives you the chance to explore more challenging terrains and tackle bigger obstacles with confidence. Never say no when you're dared to tackle a tough trail again!
  • You'll have more customization options. We offer ATV and UTV bumpers with additional mounting points and built-in winch mounts for sale. If you're interested in attaching new accessories (lights, tow hooks, and beyond), then an upgraded bumper could be exactly what your SXS needs.

High Lifter front and rear ATV/UTV bumpers are the right pick for anybody looking to have a ride that's badass, efficient, safe AND cool. Shop our selection!

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