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UTV & ATV Big Lift Kits

Gain the Clearance You Need with a High Lifter Big Lift

Grind harder and go farther with the increased ground clearance and off-road capability a big lift kit can provide your ATV or UTV. These six, seven and eight inch big lift kits were designed to maximize your height, keep your ride smooth and improve performance every time you head out.

Hit the trails with a precision-fit kit built to last — no matter how hard you ride.

The Benefits of an ATV or UTV Big Lift Kit

What are the benefits of installing a big lift kit on your rig? On top of dramatic style upgrades, a big lift can seriously upgrade your machine's performance, letting you:

  • Conquer bigger obstacles. Increased ground clearance means your vehicle can confidently navigate bigger, badder obstacles like rocks, fallen trees and deep ruts.
  • Tackle more challenging trails. Have any trails you've been avoiding because of steep inclines, uneven terrain or deep mud? Not with a big lift kit installed.
  • Cross deeper water. Keep critical components like your exhaust and intake above the waterline so you can cross deeper streams and rivers than ever before.
  • Get muddier when mudding. Have you been dreaming of larger, more aggressive mud tires? Now they can fit on your ATV or SxS!
  • See better. The higher you are, the more you can see. The more you can see, the easier you can make the best plan of attack for any terrain or trail.
  • Have an off-road ride customized to your exact specifications. A big lift kit allows you to customize the appearance of your ATV or UTV, giving it a more aggressive and imposing stance. With larger tires and an elevated height, you can achieve a unique and eye-catching look that stands out.

Don't wait, there are more than enough reasons to upgrade your ATV or UTV with a big lift kit today. Shop High Lifter's excellent selection, including heavy-duty lifts, to find the ideal kit for your machine today.

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