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UTV and ATV Portals

Portal Gear Lifts Header

Get the lift, power and performance you've been seeking with High Lifter portal gear lifts. We have the perfect portals for your machine, whether you need just a couple of extra inches or want to scrape the sky while you ride. Some of the specific benefits of all High Lifter portals, no matter what height, include: 

  • Total undercarriage clearance
  • Increased torque in tight situations
  • Reduction in axle stress
  • Added stance and approach height

Additionally, our side by side and ATV portals are designed to have fantastic durability and strength, so you won’t have to hold back on rough rides. Whether you need 4-inch, 6-inch or 8-inch lifts, we’ve got the highest quality, most advanced portals available for your ATV or UTV.

Dual idler innovation

High Lifter is the first company to offer a dual idler gear reduction. This design spreads the load across two sets of idles, and makes for a more reliable, responsive portal gear lift. Our portals are some of the longest-lasting around, thanks to a forged gearbox that eliminates porosity and cavities that reduce component strength.

Gear reduction by portal height

4” Portals

  • 15% and 30% gear reduction dual idler
  • 30% gear reduction single idler

6” Portals

  • 45% gear reduction single and dual idler
  • 60% gear reduction dual idler

8" Dual Idler Portals

  • 50% gear reduction
  • 60% gear reduction

With more options, you can choose what works best with your ride. All High Lifter portals are forged, ventable and come with the strongest backing plate on the market. You can rest assured knowing that your ATV or UTV can take on any challenge with a High Lifter portal lift.


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