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Portal Gear Lifts

More High Lifter Gear Lift Options

High Lifter is proud to now offer more portal gear lift options. Our engineering team has taken a fresh path for portal gear lifts by bringing something completely new to the market: 60% gear reduction dual idler. High Lifter was the first company to offer a dual idler gear reduction which spreads the load across two sets of idles. 

The options available for 4” portals are 15% and 30% gear reduction dual idler and 30% gear reduction single idler. For 6” portals, the available options are 45% gear reduction single and dual idler and 60% gear reduction dual idler. With more options, you can choose what works best with your ride. All High Lifter portals are forged, ventable and come with the strongest backing plate on the market. You can rest assured knowing that your bike can take a beating.

Look for even more models to be available soon.

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