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APEXX ATV and UTV Accessories

High Lifter APEXX Control Arms and parts are twice as strong as stock suspension

Whether you ride in deep mud or over rocky trails, the need for stronger suspension with added ground clearance is extremely important. You need equipment that can withstand what you put your bike through.

High Lifter has solved your problem with the APEXX line. Twice as strong as stock suspensions, APEXX control arms and parts give you strength and durability and the added ground clearance you need for all terrains and bigger tires. Built to take a beating, the exceptional strength of the APEXX line allows you to run your bigger tires with less chance of the arms snapping.

With everything you need, High Lifter makes a promise to every customer to get them more out of every mile. APEXX parts for your ATV or UTV that are designed to be burly and built to last for the long haul.

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