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6" Portal Gear Lifts

6 Inch Portal Gear Lifts

Not too tall—but not too small. Our 6” kit is a fan-favorite for mudding, trail riding and running larger tires and wheels. Polaris fans can max out the potential of their buggie with 6 inch portals for RZR 1000s and Rangers and more. Riders of every make use them to get more throttle response at lower speeds while covering tough terrain. Whatever you need a lift for, we have you covered!

This kit is for riders who are looking for the perfect clearance for the most exciting trails. Engineered with either a precision-milled single idler, or a gearing setup that allows two idler gears in the portal box to spread the load—you decide how much gear reduction you need. No matter how many idlers, a High Lifter 6 inch Portal lift is made tough and ready for any challenge.

6 inch portal lift advantages

Adding a portal kit to your side by side is the best way to gain extra clearance from the wheel bearings on up. With the added height starting right at the wheel mount, even the A-Arms and shocks are lifted.

Single vs. dual idler portal lifts

Adding a second idler gear is a technology that High Lifter uses to reduce the amount of stress across the portal lift as a whole, by bolstering the strength of the original gear. The added strength can protect the axle when the worst happens, and you’re close to stuck.

With a significant gear reduction built-in, the entire drivetrain feels less stress from the driveline to the transmission, and to the axle. Fans of extreme riding love the added longevity they get from a 6 inch portal lift.

Basically, anyone can benefit from 6 inch portals. It’s no surprise they are one of the fastest-moving items on our site! If you’re looking for the perfect lift, and performance gains, a  6” portal kit is the perfect solution. Find the fit for your ride, and order yours today!

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