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4" Portal Gear Lifts

4 Inch Portal Gear Lifts

This kit is for riders who are looking for a moderate lift without sacrificing performance, and quality. Engineered with a gear setup that allows two idler gears in the portal box to spread the load between twice as many teeth on the gears. Ingenuity like this doubles the area and reduces the stress by half.  A High Lifter 4 inch portal lift is made tough and ready for any challenge. 

Single vs. Dual 4 inch portal innovation

By using dual idler gear reduction technology, High Lifter portals evenly divide the load of stress across an additional idler gear, reducing stress on each part. Depending on the gear reduction you need for the activities you do, a dual idler can lengthen the lifespan of your UTV’s Axle, transmission, and differential. If, however, you prefer a single idler portal lift for lighter-duty riding—we make some of the highest quality in the industry. We put hours and hours of research and development into making sure our 4-inch kit is one of the strongest UTV portal lifts available. 

The unwanted, harmful cavities in any metal product can seriously reduce the longevity of the part. A forged gearbox means that the little inconsistencies and weaknesses of other kits are a thing of the past. Your kit stays strong, intact, and working overtime for you—for longer.

Whether you're choosing from 4 inch portals for Polaris or Can-Am models, High Lifter has the kit for your model. A portal kit makes days on the trails even better.

Gear reduction by portal height

4” portals

  • 15% and 30% gear reduction dual idler
  • 30% gear reduction single idler

We’re not here to just build portal lifts, we’re here to build the best around. All High Lifter portals are forged, ventable and come with one of the strongest backing plates on the market. Without a doubt, your UTV can take on more with a High Lifter portal lift. Find yours today!

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