Falcon Ridge Trailhead Mirror Door Mount

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  • SKU:  56-19036
  • Category: Mirrors
  • Brand: Falcon Ridge
  • Summary: Lightweight and adjustable, you can get even more out of your Trailhead with the Falcon Ridge Trailhead Side View Mirror Door Attachment Kit. No matter the weather, you'll always be prepared with added versatility and protection for your mirrors!
  • Weight: 1.000000
  • Length: 4.000000
  • Width: 3.500000
  • Height: 2.000000
  • 24.99 USD$24.99

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The Falcon Ridge Trailhead Side View Mirror Door Attachment Kit was designed to provide added versatility for your new Trailhead mirrors, providing the hardware and adjustability you need to keep you going in all sorts of weather.

  • Provides a robust single bolt mounting to attach the mirror to your door or vehicle body.
  • Increases the stance of the mirrors to reduce the blind spot created by the passenger side door frame and materials.
  • Provides the adjustability you demand to maintain the aesthetic of you ride.
  • Provides additional adjustability to maintain the full functionality of the breakaway design and floating mirror glass.
  • Attractive design to complement the lines of the Trailhead mirror
  • Made from cast aluminum and powder coated for a long life.
  • Designed for use on doors with .09” to .25” thick mounting surfaces. Thicker mounting surfaces may require a longer 10mm bolt.
  • Each cast aluminum door attachment adapter is 45mm in diameter and approximately 40mm long.
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