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APEXX Control Arm Link Kits

Here at High Lifter, we show our test vehicles no mercy as we plow through some of the deepest, peanut butter-like mud holes, over rocky mountain passes, and pound out new trails through dense woods. In doing so, we quickly discovered that even the strongest control arm can fall victim to a bend or break that may occur if your ATV or UTV wheels take too hard of a front impact. By design, a control arm's strength is greatest against lateral (left to right) force, and weakest against longitudinal forces (front and rear). Therefore, many control arms and frame tabs are bent or broken when the wheel(s) strikes something that causes an abrupt decrease/stop to your forward momentum. This could be a log, a rock, descending from a jump or fall, or even from being winched out of thick mud.

Increase your protection and extend the life of these costly components by installing the High Lifter Control Arm Link Bar kit. To read more about the Control Arm Link Kits, see the product description.