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ATV & UTV Snow Plows

Even if your rig spends most of its time on the trails, come winter it can turn into one of the most efficient snow clearing tools around. By adding a snow plow to your ATV or UTV, you’ll be able to get more year-round use out of your machine and make shoveling a thing of the past at the same time. High Lifter carries a variety of plow sizes—ranging from 50 inches to 72 inches—so no matter how much snow you need to clear, we have you covered.

Shop premium plows

When it comes to vital tools like plows or plow blades, skimping on quality is one of the quickest routes to broken parts or damaging your machine. The last thing you need after a blizzard is a plow that can’t handle the work or a plow blade that is liable to break at any moment—that’s why High Lifter only carries high-quality, heavy-duty snow plows for your ATV or UTV. Don’t wait to get sick of shoveling, shop our selection of plows today!