Universal Denali 50 Inch Standard Series Snow Plow System for ATVs

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  • SKU:  77-10222
  • Category: Snow Plow
  • Brand: Denali
  • Summary: Get rid of unwanted snow with this universal Denali snow plow!
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  • Length: 0.000000
  • Width: 0.000000
  • Height: 0.000000
  • 439.99 USD$439.99

NOTE: Must have a winch to use plow system.

Blade Specifications:

- 17 inch scoop
- Leading horizontal supports are formed from a single piece of 11 gauge steel
- Four (4) 7 gauge ribs run the full height of the blade
- Three additional 7 gauge horizontal stabilizers support the deepest point of the blade
- 65 degree attached angle and over center design ensure snow rolls up and is thrown forward
- Replaceable 7 gauge, grade 50 steel wear bar
- Height adjustable skid feet included
- 3 year warranty

Push Tube Specifications:

- Turn system allows for easy blade positioning in different angles to the left or right - 0 degrees, 12.5 degrees and 25 degrees
- Structural tube steel cross bar for added lateral rigidity

Plow Mount Specifications:

- Steel construction

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