Winch Strap

  • SKU:  RC-RS120
  • Category: Winch Accessories
  • Brand: Rough Country
  • Summary: Protect your winch line and whatever you are attaching to with this heavy duty winch strap from Rough Country. Line failure is the most common type of failure seen with winches and is most commonly caused by damage caused from wrapping the line around what you are connected to. This winch strap will prevent that damage from happening and help make sure you can make it out of those sticky situations.
  • Weight: 5.100000
  • Length: 2.500000
  • Width: 14.250000
  • Height: 5.500000
  • 39.95 USD$39.95

  • Rated for up to 16,000lbs
  • 30ft long x 2.5in wide
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