Casino 14x10 4/110 5+5 Matte Black Wheel

  • SKU:  GMZ-GZ80441040555
  • Category: Wheels
  • Brand: GMZ Race Products
  • Summary: Clean tactical design matches the aggressive look of modern machines, super lightweight design decreases power loss. Made with heat treated cast aluminum for extra strength, durable 1000 lbs. load rating.
  • Weight: 15.15
  • Length: 16
  • Width: 16
  • Height: 12
  • 128.64 USD$128.64
  • List Price: $135.41

Not ready for a beadlocks but ride the dunes, this wheel is for you. The 14" Casino wheel comes in 2 sizes, 14x8 and 14x10 with centered offsets for a wider base and better sand traction.

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