27-10-14 MotoRavage Tire

  • SKU:  MA-MR-27-10-14
  • Category: Tires
  • Brand: EFX Tires
  • Summary: EFX's new MotoRavage tire is THE all around tire to have!
  • Weight: 31.000000
  • Length: 27.000000
  • Width: 10.000000
  • Height: 27.000000
  • 243 USD$243.00
Designed to conquer every terrain from rocks to sand, the MotoRavage's 8-Ply rating, soft compound and deep tread blocks don't even blink at a gnarly rock garden or mud pit. Take your ride to the next level with the newest tires from EFX, upgrading your tires from OEM offers great bang for your buck and can completely transform your riding experience!
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