Grant Standard Installation Kit Yamaha YXZ

  • SKU:  GP-3674-14
  • Category: Steering
  • Brand: Grant Products
  • Summary: You like challenges. You rise to the occasion. So why are you settling for that stock plastic steering wheel? There is nothing stock about you. So put on the wheel that looks as good as it feels put on a Grant! NOTE: You will have to buy the correct steering wheel Installation Kit or Quick Release to install this steering wheel on your SxS.
  • Weight: 3.000000
  • Length: 6.000000
  • Width: 5.000000
  • Height: 3.000000
  • 28.63 USD$28.63
If you are installing an aftermarket Grant Steering wheel on your SxS you need a steering wheel adapter. You can either get a quick disconnect model if you are a racer or this standard adapter if you don't ever plan on taking your steering wheel off.
2020 Yamaha YXZ 1000 R

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