Seizmik Armory SST Gun Case

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  • Brand: Seizmik
  • Summary: The Seizmik Armory SST (Secure Storage and Transport) Gun Case is specially designed to hold Shotguns, Rifles and ARs. The shape of the case allows for superior access to weapons and will accommodate ARs with or without optics and nearly any long gun up to 52''.
  • Weight: 13.000000
  • Length: 56.500000
  • Width: 15.250000
  • Height: 7.000000
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Fits the Armory X-Rack

The Armory SST (Secure Storage & Transport) Gun Case works in tandem with the Armory X Rack to store and transport two weapons (requires two Armory SST cases and one Armory X Rack). The design of the system positions the cases over the dump bed of most vehicles, leaving the bed clear for gear or game. With the cases locked in place on the rack, the guns are always pointed up and away for superior muzzle control. The Armory SST offers a unique locking hinge which keeps the case open, freeing up both hands to place, retrieve, or work on the gun while in the case.

The shape of the case will accommodate any long gun up to 52″ and ARs with or without optics. Moveable foam blocks inside the Armory SST case keep the weapon firmly in place, assuring nothing makes contact with the sights or optics even over the roughest terrain. There's even enough room inside the Armory SST to store extra rounds, equipment, or cleaning supplies.

The Armory SST case is easily installed or removed from the Armory X Rack without the need for tools. A durable, glass-filled nylon lever is large enough to easily operate with gloves or mittens, and once released, the case lifts right out. With the Armory X Rack attached to both sides of the dump bed, its stiff, rigid, and strong—staying securely attached to the vehicle no matter how aggressive the terrain gets.

Features include:

  • Case lid cut design provides superior access to Shotguns, Rifles, and ARs
  • Foam Gun Cushions can be custom positioned according to weapon for maximum stability
  • Fits guns up to 52″ long

Superior Weapon Control

Guns are always pointed up and away for superior muzzle control

A Gun Case Designed to Hold Them All

Holds any long gun up to 52″ and ARs with or without optics

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5.0 out of 5 stars
  • Friday, December 29, 2023
  • Sporting Clays Shooter
This gun case paired with the rack is the absolute best solution for a UTV I have seen. I shoot a lot of registered sporting clays events. 80% of the shooters now have UTV's with gun racks. Most are simple flimsy racks that leave the guns exposed to dust and the elements. They also rattle and shake the gun around. When you are shooting a shotgun worth thousands of dollars you do not want that happening. This combination of rack and case keep a gun safe and free of any environmental impact.

Warning Warning: This product can expose you to chemicals including Chromium, which is known in the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects, or other reproductive harm. For more information go to